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Franchise Exchange

List your restaurant franchise or search stores for sale at no cost as a complementary service from First Franchise Capital. Franchise Exchange provides the marketplace where restaurant franchisees look to buy or sell stores.


Fund Your Franchise Acquisition

Get a loan to acquire a franchise, remodel your stores, invest in new equipment, refinance debt, purchase the land under your restaurant, and more.

If you’re a buyer, finding the right franchise to purchase and then integrating it into your existing company can be challenging. And if you’re selling, attracting the right buyer is critical. Take advantage of these and other resources that can help you buy or sell a franchise.

First Franchise Capital Whitepaper: Selling a Franchise Location

First Franchise Capital Whitepaper: Refranchising Offers Expansion Opportunities

First Franchise Capital Whitepaper: How to Fund Your Growth Plan

Q&A: When Is It Time to Grow?

Understanding when it’s time to expand your business and the keys to success can help you better prepare for the next step in your franchise growth. Not only do you need to consider the financial requirements, but staying compliant with your obligations as a franchisee is vital.

Franchise experts Lynette McKee and Fred LeFranc from Results Thru Strategy, a strategic advisory firm that specializes in the restaurant industry, discuss when it’s time to expand, how to manage the process with the franchisor, what questions should you be asking, and more.

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